Wednesday, March 4, 2009

In-class Exercise: Hypothetical Preservation Policies

Group: Lauren Algee, Elspeth Healey, Elizabeth Seramur

Institution: Blanton Museum of Art, The University of Texas at Austin

Because of the Blanton Museum's mission as a teaching institution focused on exhibition and creative curatorship, the primary focus of a hypothetical preservation policy should hinge on maintaining the artworks through a variety of strategies. The safety of the artworks both in storage and exhibition is paramount. While on display, controlled climate, lighting, and exhibit design strategies can lessen the impact on materials. Efforts should be undertaken to educate staff, guards, docents, and patrons on observing diligent practices when interacting with artworks. In order to maintain its permanent collection and to safeguard loan items, policies should stipulate preservation storage conditions: climate control, careful handling, effective housing, fire suppression, and secure access points, including loading docks. The Blanton could take advantage of the two Preservation programs on campus, and avail itself of students to conduct preservation/conservation needs assessments for the objects and facilities, perform minor treatments, and implement re-housing projects.

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Maria said...

good! the last one is not a policy but a recommendation. Another policy could state that the Blanton will secure funds for preservation.